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Group Assignment: Getting Ready To Be Ready


coaching exercise to create a future memory through journaling:

1- Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus without distractions. Have a journal or a blank piece of paper and a pen ready.

2-Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and allow yourself to relax and enter a calm state of mind.

3-Set the intention to create a vivid future memory through your journaling. Imagine yourself at a specific scene in the future, experiencing it firsthand.

Open your eyes and start writing in your journal. Begin by describing the location of the scene. Where are you? Is it indoors or outdoors? Paint a detailed picture of your surroundings, using all your senses. What do you see? What colors, shapes, and objects are present? Take your time to really bring this scene to life.

As you continue writing, focus on the sensory details. What do you hear in this scene? Are there any sounds, voices, or music? How does the environment sound? Describe the soundscape in as much detail as possible.

4-Move on to the sense of touch. What are you physically feeling in this future memory? Describe the temperature, the texture of surfaces you come into contact with, the sensations on your skin. Are you touching anything? How does it feel? Engage all your senses of touch and describe the physical sensations you experience.

5-Next, explore the sense of taste. Are you eating or drinking anything in this scene? If so, describe the flavors and tastes. Be specific about the food or drink you are consuming and how it makes you feel.

6-Now, shift your focus to your own appearance. Describe what you are wearing in this future memory. Pay attention to the details of your clothing, colors, textures, and style. How does it make you feel to wear these clothes? Connect with the emotions that arise as you describe your attire.

7-As you continue journaling, explore the emotions and feelings that you experience in this future memory. What is your emotional state? Are you feeling joy, excitement, love, peace? Describe these emotions and the intensity with which you feel them. Connect with the positive emotions and allow them to permeate your writing.

8-Finally, describe the people you are with in this future memory. Are you alone, or are there others present? Who are these people? What is your relationship with them? Write about the interactions and connections you have with them, and how their presence contributes to your overall experience.

9-Take a moment to read over what you have written, immersing yourself in the future memory you have created. Allow yourself to fully experience the emotions, sensations, and details you have described.

10-Close your journal, knowing that you have planted the seeds of this future memory in your subconscious mind. Trust that it will work with you to manifest this desired experience in your life.

Remember to revisit and read your future memory journal entry from time to time to reinforce the visualization and keep the vision alive within you. Enjoy the process of creating your ideal future and trust that you are actively co-creating it with the universe. We will be using this journal entry during one of our first mastermind sessions and implanting it into the future! So excited for this!!

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